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Group of companies "Glonassoft" specializes in the development and production of satellite monitoring systems GLONASS / GPS. The main directions of our work — creation, implementation and maintenance OF software for monitoring

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About us


GLONASSsoft has been operating in the market since 2007 and today is one of the leading developers of vehicle tracking software in the Russian market. Along with software development, our company is engaged in the production of tracking equipment. We have a strong market position and will not stop there.

We have something to be proud of.

The basis of all the company's solutions is the multifunctional platform GLONASSsoft designed to build tracking systems using GLONASS/GPS technology. The system is able to determine the coordinates of any moving object in any weather and at any time of the day, which is very effective for solving a number of tasks related to vehicle monitoring. Tracking of vehicles movement can significantly reduce the cost of the fleet maintenance.


GLONASSsoft Group of Companies develops and manufactures telematic GPS/GLONASS trackers and associated equipment. The main concept of the company's products is simplicity and reliability due to the use of available components without compromising the quality. GLONASSsoft Group of Companies can integrate its equipment with existing systems or integrate third-party equipment with GLONASSsoft platform.

Affiliate Network

GLONASSsoft is developing an affiliate network in all regions of the Russian Federation. The status of a partner makes it possible to purchase equipment on a partnership basis, receive support on the implementation and maintenance of GLONASSsoft tracking system, and profit from the sale of equipment and support for the implemented monitoring systems. The company's products and solutions are intended for organizations that have their own fleets of vehicles and organizations that are involved in the integration and provision of monitoring, control and satellite tracking services for vehicles.

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Key benefits of becoming a partner of GLONASSsoft in the field of GLONASS implementation.

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GLONASSsoft Group of Companies is engaged in the development and production of

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15 November, 2019
The Glonassoft identification system is now compatible with terminals that support the LLS Protocol!
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