GPS / GLONASS equipment

The GlonassSoft line includes the best examples of navigation equipment integrated into hardware and software complexes of transport monitoring systems based on GLONASS/GPS.

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OBD tracker UMKa311

The UMKa311 OBD tracker is a modern, efficient device designed for monitoring passenger rental vehicles, employees with personal vehicles, as well as the market of individuals.

The proprietary MyLogic programming system is fully supported by the tracker. The tracker can work as an element of the iBeacon identification system. And you can configure and update the UMKa311 remotely.

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Tracker for photomonitoring UMKa303

Photomonitoring is a new stage in the development of the transport market. Efficient use of traffic, thanks to the event-based photo sending model, support for any analog cameras that are always on sale at an affordable price, as well as a set of advanced tracker functions, create all the necessary conditions to keep up with the times.

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Hardware platform UMKa314

The UMKa314 tracker is the first 4G tracker from GLONASSSoft engineers. This tracker is designed to expand the line of equipment capable of supporting high-speed wireless data networks of the LTE standard.

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Fuel level sensors “Escort” (FLSs)

Professional fuel level sensors “Escort” (FLSs) are installed instead of the standard vehicle fuel sensors with a similar flange. The FLS “Escort” convert the level indicators into a digital code and transmit their values to the tracking system via RS-485 interface. Various modifications also support other data transfer interfaces. FLSs use an advanced thermal compensation algorithm and have an explosion proof certificate.

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Self-healing fuse

Self-healing fuse or SVP is a modern equipment of our production. SVP consists of 2 fuses - fusible and modern, with the possibility of instant recovery.

SVP increases the reliability of the connection and resistance to sabotage. During production, we use the most reliable components and carry out multi-stage quality control.


Contactless CAN Reader UMKa210

With the introduction of the new UMKa302 in the GLONASSOFT line of trackers, we are faced with a significantly increased interest in related hardware solutions for working with CAN. In order for you to work effectively with CAN, we have developed a new contactless CAN reader UMKa210.


UMKa200 RFID reader

Used to identify stationary and mobile tracked facilities, monitoring personnel and equipment, accounting for working hours and writing off materials with the help of accessory devices. Recognizes UMKa100 RFID tags at a distance of up to 100 m, and up to 5 cm for magnetic cards.

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Press-to-talk button

It is designed to organize two-way voice communication between the driver and the dispatcher via GPS/GLONASS trackers based on UMKa-301 platform. The device supports hands-free mode and is protected from self-actuation; no switching of Dispatcher/Driver modes is required. There is an Emergency Button function.

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GLONASSsoft Group of Companies offers a full range of services for the installation of GLONASS equipment,

autonomous search equipment, implementation, support, service and maintenance services of automated vehicle tracking systems.

Cloud platform

Cloud platform

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If you want to connect to a cloud-based vehicle tracking service or introduce any other industry-specific vehicle monitoring and control system in your company, or purchase GLONASS equipment with the appropriate software, we are ready to provide consultations, find the right solution, as well as choose a fast, convenient shipping and payment method. Choose a suitable method for consultation or purchase:

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