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Voice headset

is designed for connection to the following trackers: UMKa 301 GS +Battery, UMKa301 GS RS-232 +Battery, UMKa301 GS CAN +Battery


It works in the “Hands Free” mode without any need to switch the Dispatcher/Driver modes.


The speaker power is 0.7 W, resistance is 8 Ohms, the connector is Jack 3.5 mm (2 pcs).




Speaker power

0.7 W


8 Ohms

Connector is Jack 3.5 mm

2 pcs

Casing material

ABS plastic

Overall dimensions

80x50x25 mm

Cable length

1,300-2,300 mm


max 130 g


The device provides two-way voice communication between the driver and the dispatcher using a loudspeaker.

Light indication of an incoming call.

Easy to install.

Compact casing.

Warranty operation period for 1 year.

Technical support from the manufacturer.

PCT certificate.

GLONASSsoft Group of Companies offers a full range of services for the installation of GLONASS equipment,

autonomous tracking equipment, tachographs for vehicles;

implementation, support, service and maintenance services for

automated vehicle tracking systems.

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GLONASSsoft product range includes the best examples of navigation and communications equipment integrated into the hardware and software systems of transport tracking systems based on GLONASS and GPS satellite navigation technology. All equipment presented is certified and complies with the requirements of Russian legislation.


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