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UMKa100 radio frequency ID tag

The new UMKa100 RFID tag is used to identify stationary or moving tracked objects with UMKa200 RFID reader.

UMKa100 is radio frequency ID tag capable of transmitting a signal over at 868 MHz at a distance of up to 100 m and process the state of the magnetic field sensor. The RFID tag supports a change of the transceiver power, data transmission period, identification number and subnet mask.

The device is fully ready for usage for at least 3 years and does not imply the possibility of replacing the battery or internal components.

Technical documentation and files

Operation manual
Specifications Advantages Change history


Long battery life.

The presence of a built-in accelerometer.

“Sleep” mode support with low power consumption.

High ingress protection.

Testing the trackers

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What is a TEST DRIVE? Make a test operation (a test drive) of the device in 5 steps:
(Step 1) Click ORDER FREE TEST DRIVE and fill out the application form.
(Step 2) Our sales specialist will contact you within a day and give detailed advice.
(Step 3) We will conclude an agreement with you to provide a device for free use for a period of 2 to 8 weeks for testing.
(Step 4) GLONASSsoft technical support specialists will provide all the necessary documents and remote consultations on the installation, configuration and operation of the device.
(Step 5) At the end of the testing period, you can return the device or decide to purchase it.
Order the TEST DRIVE

GLONASSsoft Group of Companies offers a full range of services for the installation of GLONASS equipment,

autonomous search equipment, implementation, support, service and maintenance services of automated vehicle tracking systems.

Cloud platform

Cloud platform

How to place an order

If you want to connect to a cloud-based vehicle tracking service or introduce any other industry-specific vehicle monitoring and control system in your company, or purchase GLONASS equipment with the appropriate software, we are ready to provide consultations, find the right solution, as well as choose a fast, convenient shipping and payment method. Choose a suitable method for consultation or purchase:

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