GPS tracker based on the UMKa 302 platform

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Hardware platform UMKa302

The flagship line of GLONASS / GPS trackers UMKa302 is a new level of performance, reliability and functionality of UMKa terminals.

The most urgent tasks of users can now be solved thanks to the increased processor power relative to its predecessor UMK-301. Due to the improvement of the hardware, a significant reserve has been created, which allows maintaining high stability of work.

Modern solutions in the field of vehicle monitoring are inextricably linked with the ability to work with the CAN bus. Dozens of significant parameters of equipment operation, for which no additional sensors are needed, are available in the new UMK-302.

To work with CAN, support for the J1939 standard is implemented, as well as a Custom filter that allows you to get all the data of interest from the car you need.

All versions of UMKa302 support work with wireless sensors operating using BLE technology. Information about the fuel level and its temperature will be transmitted with the same accuracy as when using a wired FLS. You can use up to 8 sensors, and if this is not enough, you can supplement the system with classic meters.


Configurator UMKa3xx

The UMKa3xx tracker configurator will provide up-to-date information about the device operation. Using a wired or Bluetooth connection, you can configure any modification of the UMKA310 and UMKA301 terminals, as well as monitor the operation of fuel level sensors.

Download the configurator to your pc or use convenient application for Android.

Umka3xx Configurator. History of changes.
Конфигуратор УМКа3xx. История изменений.
ГЛОНАССSoft 2017-2020.
[+] - Добавлено[*] - Исправлено[-] - Удалено
Comparison of UMKa3xx models Тechnical characteristics Benefits Change history

Comparison of UMKa3xx models

Terminal testing

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What is TEST DRIVE? Checkout the test operation (test drive) of the device in 5 steps:
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GC "GLONASSsoft" offers a full range of services for the installation of GLONASS equipment,

autonomous search equipment, services for the implementation, maintenance, service and maintenance of automated vehicle monitoring systems.


Cloud platform

How to make an order?

If you want to connect to a cloud-based vehicle monitoring service or implement any other industry-specific vehicle monitoring and control system at your enterprise, purchase GLONASS equipment with the appropriate software, then we are ready to advise you, choose a suitable solution, as well as a fast, convenient delivery and payment method. For consultation or purchase, choose a method convenient for you:

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