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We offer cooperation in the innovative field of satellite tracking of vehicles and stationary facilities. Our partners companies have a number of privileges and advantages.

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About Us


GLONASSsoft is a successful company that managed to become one of the industry leaders in the South and North Caucasus Federal Districts just within 10 years and now strives to become the largest network of offices in the CIS for GLONASS/GPS tracking of transport, focused on large and medium-sized businesses.


Starting a business from scratch, we can share this experience with partners who have the same views and believe that our job is ensuring customers’ savings. In a short period of time, our business model has shown its effectiveness, and the company's management decided on regional development based on to the franchise model. We open new offices in Russian cities every month. We know how to make money by introducing innovative technologies. Join and be successful!




Our community


Not just a business, but real partnership - that is the fundamental principle of our interaction with manufacturers, customers, and suppliers. At GLONASSsoft, we strive to understand the business model of each partner and find a form of cooperation that will allow both parties to achieve their goals and jointly get the most profitable results!


We have created a unique platform for communication and interaction for all market participants for more than ten years in the transport monitoring market: from software and hardware manufacturers to heads of transport enterprises. Our community includes hundreds of experts and professionals from around the world who share experience and help each other solve a variety of practical business problems.


Who are with us?


We are open for cooperation with integrators in any country of the world and are ready to provide maximum assistance in the development of their business.

Equipment manufacturers

We strive to ensure that our system works with any type of GPS trackers, and are ready for a dialogue with manufacturers.

Software developers

Our product is not limited in use. At present, GLONASSsoft integrates successfully into third-party software, which brings mutual benefit to us and our partners.


Benefits of GLONASSsoft community

Technical support

24/7 technical assistance.

Training seminars and webinars.

Certification of specialists.

Forum to share the experience.

Assistance in development of

your business

Help in building a customer base.

Joint participation in large projects.

Consultations, transfer of experience.

Conferences and business meetings.

Marketing support

Joint participation in the events.

Marketing data.

Joint PR-events.

Regular information support.



Become a partner

Cooperation in the field of software is designed for everyone who interacts with GLONASSsoft platform. We invite companies ready to supply and implement GLONASSsoft satellite tracking system to partner with us.


If you want to participate in the program in the field of software, connect or have already connected a certain number of facilities to be tracked to GLONASSsoft servers (depending on the desired status).






Become a partner

If your company is engaged in the implementation of equipment monitoring systems or automated systems and services in the agricultural industry, we will be glad to see you among our partners.


Together, we will be able to provide our customers with a much higher level of automation of planning, management, control and analysis of the agricultural work. To cooperate in this direction, you need to be able to implement solutions in the agribusiness sector, fill out a partner questionnaire, confirm the status of an integrator, undergo training and agree on a joint action program in your region.

Become a partner

If your company renders services for installation, connection, configuration and technical support of equipment for vehicle satellite tracking, we would like to offer cooperation in the field of Equipment.

Any integrator company can become a partner.



a consignment warehouse;

priority of transferring customers to a partner;

transfer of customer service technology.


Become a partner

If you are a developer of high-tech systems or want to develop your own applications and solutions, we would like to offer you cooperation and support in the field of development. A development partner receives any data from any subsystem that is part of GLONASSsoft platform. The platform has a web-based interface and tracks vehicles in real time providing convenient access to data. The platform is able to integrate into existing systems easily.


Partner Benefits:

support of the platform development and configuration;

access to all documents (including an extended API description);

recommendations for developing modules and configuring servers.


Become a partner


How to become a partner?


Register in the platform

When registering in the platform, you get your account (login) to manage the partner account, place orders with a partner discount, get access to the closed sections of the site and forum. By logging into the platform as a partner, you will get the opportunity to contact our technical support with a higher priority.

Go to registration


Fill out a partner’s form

Based on the data from the partner’s form, we decide on the partnership possibility. We would also like to see your full-scale corporate website with contacts and a list of services offered. The partnership program is intended for hardware and software integrators, solution developers based on GLONASSsoft platform, manufacturers and equipment dealers.



Sign a partnership agreement

After your form is approved, you will receive an e-mail notification about the beginning of cooperation. After that, you need to sign a partnership agreement with our company. Fill in the details, print two copies of the contract, sign on your part and send it to our company. We will sign the contract on your part and send one copy to you.

Learn more

GPS/GLONASS trackers


GLONASSsoft Group of Companies is engaged in the development and production of

equipment for

satellite tracking

based on GLONASS/GPS technology.


Enter the navigation market under the innovative brand GLONASSsoft

Cooperate with GLONASSsoft and become a member of a unique program for the development and support of a regional dealer network aimed to provide unified standards for customer service support throughout Russia and the CIS in shortest time. Efficiency and high quality of dealers in the constituent entities of the Russian Federation are key components of our regional policy.


Call us:

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