The most common form of theft in the corporate fleets is fraud related to fuel and lubricants. The second largest problem for fleet owners is off-duty fuel consumption.

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Determine the remaining fuel at the beginning and end of the shift.

Detect “off the tank” refueling and fuel drains.

Exclude fraud with traveling


Refine fuel standards and identify

vehicles with increased consumption.

GLONASSsoft system will allow you to:

control and account fuel to reduce the expenses for fuel and lubricants


The major part of all the costs of managing a corporate fleet is fuel cost. It can be reduced if the FCCS, i.e. a fuel consumption control system is used. It prevents theft of fuel and lubricants and inefficient fuel consumption, allowing good savings.

The FCCS GLONASSsoft can be used with any type of transport: motor vehicles, trucks, specialized and agricultural machinery.


Our experts will provide a competent installation of fuel level sensors (FLSs) on your vehicle (we use high-precision FLS “Escort”). A neat bore is drilled into the fuel tank where the Escort sensor is inserted. The installation does not change the performance of the fuel system.


The FLS will be connected to a GPS/GLONASS tracker, which is a specialized digital device for receiving/transmitting data via satellites of global navigation systems.


After installing the FLS, our specialists will calibrate it - fill the reference amount of fuel into the tank several times and check the readings of the fuel level sensor. If necessary, correction will be made to eliminate errors.


Calibration data will be entered in GLONASSsoft software, which converts the received data into ready-made tables and diagrams, making their analysis convenient and understandable!


It is impossible to deceive the FCCS GLONASSsoft, since all connections critical for fraud, including the "return signal", are sealed and any facts of tampering in order to falsify data cannot be hidden.



The efficiency effectiveness of the FCCS implementation at the enterprise

Monitoring the fuel level in the satellite monitoring system provided by GLONASSsoft Group of Companies eliminates attempts of fuel fraud.

The system records all drains from the fuel tank and generates a detailed report on all events. It displays the volume, date and time of the beginning and end of the drain. Not a single unauthorized drain from the fuel tank will go unnoticed.


All refuelings of the vehicle will also get into the report. The system records the amount of fuel poured, the date, time the start and end of refueling. Thus, the driver cannot provide a wrong receipt to the accounting department or sell an unused refueling ticket.


Thanks to the system reporting on refueling a vehicle, it becomes impossible for a driver to conspire with a gas station operator, which eliminates under-refueling and fraudulent refueling.


Fictitious operation of a vehicle is detected through a report of actual fuel consumption. You will immediately see the difference between the actual operation of the vehicle and the one that a dishonest driver is trying to make up.


UMKa-300 GLONASS/GPS tracker


Fuel level sensor Escort TD-500


Additional sensors:


FCS - fuel consumption sensor


CAN-LOG - multipurpose



Components of the solution:

90 %

15 %

30 %

reduction of fuel and lubricants

theft by 90%

reduction of fuel consumption by 15%

Improvement in performance by 30%

Payoff period - 3-4 months






Application options

Group reports on drains or refueling of vehicles can be automatically prepared for the desired period: 1/7/30 days.


If the total amount of refueling does not match the data in the receipts, a mileage mismatch of the actual waybill, or if drains are detected, in each specific case you can determine the fraud attempts using the individual Fuel Refueling and Drain report.


If violations are detected in the work of drivers, the report is sent to the company management. The report is accompanies with a map, where the places of violations have been marked.


The “Refueling and Drain” group report allows the dispatcher to adjust fuel consumption rates. The difference between the actual and standards values over 10% warns you to check the vehicle for drains “from the return pipe”.



Long-term operation, as well as high consumption in idle mode compared with the time in motion, indicates inefficient operation of a particular vehicle.


An individual report “Refueling and drains” in the form of a detailed consumption table illustrates a comparison of the standard values and the actual fuel consumption for all operating modes of the vehicle.


GLONASSsoft software can send reports by e-mail so that the accounting department receives them with the necessary regularity.


GLONASSsoft software can be integrated with the accounting system used at the enterprise so that all data received from FCCS are immediately displayed in it.



Analysis of fuel consumption in FCCS GLONASSsoft

FCCS GLONASSsoft allows the dispatcher to overview the history of changes in the fuel level in the vehicle tank for any selected period in the form of a visual diagram.

Clicking on any point on the diagram shows the fuel level and the location of the vehicle at that point in time. The system uses data from the FLS or the vehicle's on-board computer (CAN) for the analysis.

The FCCS GLONASSsoft can make reports on all gas stations and drains in a tabular form with the date, time, location, initial and final fuel levels and the volume of refueling and drains.

Reports of the FCCS GLONASSsoft allow the dispatcher to see the real fuel consumption for any period, compare it with the standard values and draw conclusions about the savings or overspending for each vehicle and the entire fleet.

The FCCS GLONASSsoft promptly notifies designated employees about refueling and drains by e-mail, or in a pop-up window where the fuel level readings of vehicles that are relevant at the time of viewing are also visible.

The FCCS supports the drivers’ discipline and allows you to identify the causes for overspending of fuel and lubricants and to improve the fleet efficiency. GLONASSsoft fuel consumption control system will help to eliminate fuel fraud and reduce the cost of vehicles depreciation.


Cloud platform

How to place an order

If you want to connect to a cloud-based vehicle tracking service or introduce any other industry-specific vehicle monitoring and control system in your company, or purchase GLONASS equipment with the appropriate software, we are ready to provide consultations, find the right solution, as well as choose a fast, convenient shipping and payment method. Choose a suitable method for consultation or purchase:

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