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Control the situation

on your fields

Online service for managing agribusiness.








Innovative agro-industrial solution


«Agritechnology» is the «GLONASSSoft company group» product that does not have any alternatives on the Russian market. The comprehensive assistance system of taking solutions is specially designed for large and medium-size agricultural enterprises. AT2.0 is a cloud system that is accessible from any computer connected to the Internet.


Plan, control and analyse

the work process

on each field

Set the tasks and keep tabs

on their implementation

on all levels

Analyze yield capacity

and the structure

of cropped land

Control the use of all

machinery and

aggregates of enterprise

By using this product

you will be able to:

Enterprise tasks that are solved by Agritechnology

Planning of agricultural works and timely implementation of all operations are the main constituents of the managing process in agricultural realm. «Agritechnology » comprises all necessary functions for efficient planning, analysis and recording of agricultural operations. «Agritechnology» has wide range of data import from CRM.



The tasks of employees at enterprise that are solved by Agritechnology

Head of enterprise

Annual planning

Control of performed works on the fields

Assistance in solution-taking

Record-keeping operator

Convenient planning tool

Control over performance of technological operations

Recording and control of fuel and lubricants consumption

Chief agriculturist

Annual planning

Timely planning

Right-timing and quality work performance

Chief engineer

Control over performance parameters of equipment.

Efficiency of taking technichal solutions.


Accomplishment of production plan

Increase of yield capacity rate

Efficient and reasonable equipment usage. Elimination of downtime

Security service

Control over equipment performance

Control over machinery movement

Proper use of equipment

Main advantages of the system


The integration of «Agritechnology» solution will allow to improve the process of planning, control and recording at enterprise, get planned profit on condition of planned expenditures, control this correlation in the scale of up to 1 hectare on each field, and also create efficient communicative ambience for employees.

Assistance system of taking


Integrated business process.

User control.

Detection of inefficient fields.

Forecast and loss prevention.

Recording of performers on each operation.

Many-year monitoring of efficiency on each field.

Aiming at the largest agricultrural enterprises.

Recording of the main work quality indicators.

Allocation of access rights.

Cloudiness and cross-browser compatibility.



Controlled equipment parameters

We install GLONASS/GPS monitoring systems into all kinds of agricultural machinery:

Tractors (MTZ, DT, YaMZ, John Deere, CLAAS, Case, New Holland, Fendt, Challenger, etc.).


Combine harvesters (Acros, Case, Rostselmash, Don, Niva, New Holland, John Deere, Deutz, etc.).


Truck cranes (KAMAZ, MAZ, etc.).

GLONASSSoft company has developed Agritechnology as a special product for agricultural enterprises.

You will be able to control the location of agricultural machinery in real time mode from any device that has access to the Internet. Due to FLS installation you will know how much fuel was exactly consumed, what was the average consumption rate, amount, time and place of defuel and refuel.


The installation of mechanism operation sensor allows to know how long each unit of machinery actually works, and the GLONASSSoft system will save all data throughout the year.


Установка датчика работы механизма позволит вам знать сколько фактически работает каждая единица техники, а система «ГЛОНАССсофт» сохранит все данные в течении года.


GLONASSSoft satellite control system will allow to preclude the driver’s overspeeding. You can find out about the overspeeding by any convenient means: in the report for any period during the year; via notifications on e-mail; online in the monitoring program.

GLONASSSoft company recommends the following equipment for agricultural machinery:

Terminal UMKa300.

Additional sensors of agricultural machinery control:

Fuel level sensor.


Bulk materials sensor.


Fuel hopper unload.


Driver’s identificator.


Alarm button.


Connection to driver kit.


Inclination angle sensor.


Fuel level sensor

Bulk materials sensor

Fuel hopper unload

Driver’s identificator

Connection to driver kit

Inclination angle sensor

Unique system of calculating works on the field


Calculation of field area.

Calculation of overlapping areas.

Information from sensors.

Calculation of objects speed.

Bulk calculation system.


Steps of system integration

Trial access

It allows to get familiar with the main features of the system. Goal and task specification, research of already existing IT infrastructure of the orderer, preliminary calculation of prices for equipment kits, development of project road map.

Pilot project

It helps to design the main project, predict and plan its implementation. Integration for several vehicles in one of divisions, creation of project work group, technologies check, specification of goals and requirements to the system and the project. Road map confirmation and project integration.

Integration of solution at enterprise

Real involvement at enterprise. Installation and adjustment of equipment, field mapping and filling in the handbooks, system setup and corporate training. Project hand-over to the orderer.

Intergration with registration systems of orderers

Combination and interaction with registration systems of orderers, maximum integration of all processes. Development and extend of the system features.

Box solution, integration by the orderer himself.

Providing on «as it is» principle. Integration by the orderer himself with the use of given documentation.

Integration by GLONASSSoft specialists.

Providing the whole range of services on project integration, from express research and design of project road map to the project implementation. Consultation and training on all stages of integration, consultation in terms of integration of the system with other ordrerers.

Enhancement of «customized» solution

Customized development. Appliance of new technologies and solutions. Scalability for the whole enterprise.

System integration and support


Depending on orderer’s opportunities and goals the Agritechnology integration can be performed in various ways:

Development of customized solution.

Customized development. Appliance of new technologies and solutions. Scalability for the whole enterprise.

Free demo version

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The range of monitoring equipment has been expanded

How to place an order

If you want to connect to a cloud-based vehicle tracking service or introduce any other industry-specific vehicle monitoring and control system in your company, or purchase GLONASS equipment with the appropriate software, we are ready to provide consultations, find the right solution, as well as choose a fast, convenient shipping and payment method. Choose a suitable method for consultation or purchase:

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Agroanalysis is the function of the program that provides processing,

classification and data presentation for forthcoming management solution-taking.

This function allows to solve all issues considering the actual data on area and time of their cultivation, fuel consumption, etc.

Efficient planning introduces changes and corrections into technological operations on the basis of annual planning and by changing the annual plan.

Annual planning of technological operations, amount, start/end of works, number of equipment involved and other parameters separately from each kind of crop.

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