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Application of satellite monitoring technologies of transport in oil and gas sector and exploration

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Machinery control in oil and gas sector

Online service for companies working in oil and gas sphere and geological exploration.


We install GLONASS/GPS systems into all means of transport used in oil and gas sphere:


Bulldozers, excavators (Caterpillar, Dongfeng, Doosan, FAW, Foton, Hyundai, Komatsu, Shacman, Shaanxi, etc.)


Crane trucks (BAW, Hino, Isuzu, Kato, Liebherr, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Tadano, «Galichanin», «Ivanovets», «KamAZ», «MAZ», «URAL»).


Quarry machinery (CASE, Caterpillar, Dingsheng Tiangong, Komatsu, LiuGong, SDLG, Volvo, «SAMS», «BelAZ»).


Diesel power plant.


ТTraction engines (DAF, MAN, Iveco, Isuzu, Mercedes-Benz, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Renault, Volvo, «KamAZ», «KrAZ», «MAZ», «URAL»).


Dump trucks (DAF, MAN, Mercedes-Benz, Renault, Shaanxi, Volvo, «KamAZ», «KrAZ», «MAZ», «URAL»).


Passenger cars.


Drilling rigs.



Enterprise tasks that are solved by GLONASSSoft satellite monitoring system

GLONASS/GPS monitoring system from GLONASSSoft solves the following tasks:


You can control transport location in real time mode from any device with the Internet access.


Our system will allow to control actual points of attendance. Oftentimes even with full-time schedule drivers manage to find time for 2-hour meals, sleep and dealing with personal problems.


Installed mechanism operation sensor will allow to know how long the actual fleet unit has been working, and GLONASSSoft system will save all data for the year.


Our system will allow to control actual attendance of counterparties. Oftentimes even with full-time schedule drivers manage to find time for 2-hour meals, sleep and dealing with personal problems. It leads to discontent from counterparties, fines, penalty fees and violation of agreement relations - the deadlines are not fulfilled, and rivals are always vigilant. Installed GLONASS/GPS terminals will allow to apply equipment in the most efficient way.

Kinds of equipment for « Oil and gas sphere monitoring» solution


GLONASSSoft company recommends the following kinds of equipment for machinery used in oil and gas realm:

User terminal UMKa300;


Fuel level sensor;


Mechanical pin switch;


Mechanism operation sensor;


Alarm button;


Connection to the driver kit.



Application results of GLONASSSoft monitoring system in oil and gas sphere are:


Reduction of fuel expenses of up to 50%;


Reduction of haulage of up to 30%;


Reduction of equipment misuse of up to 100%;


Elemination of transport downtime;


Increase of work discipline for drivers staff;


Increase of shipping safety.



Expanded toolset unit for creation of own reports.


You get a save solution. Processing and storage of information on autonomous server ensures further data confindentiality.


Technical independency of GLONASSSoft operator. Monitoring system is served by its own staff of IT-specialists who undergo a preliminary consultation course and training with a skillful operator.


There is no monthly subscription fee from each monitored object.


The range of monitoring equipment has been expanded

How to place an order

If you want to connect to a cloud-based vehicle tracking service or introduce any other industry-specific vehicle monitoring and control system in your company, or purchase GLONASS equipment with the appropriate software, we are ready to provide consultations, find the right solution, as well as choose a fast, convenient shipping and payment method. Choose a suitable method for consultation or purchase:

Call us:

8 800 700 82 21


Ask for a free consultation with our specialist

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