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Online tracking of facilities

Real-time monitoring is a modern way to increase the efficiency of the fleet. The management of companies that have transport assets at their disposal but do not use a tracking system face a lot of difficulties. These are due to an irrational use of the vehicle, fuel theft and dishonest performance of duties by employees. These issues cause an increase in expenses. The larger the company is, the more money is spent for it.


Online tracking of the movement of vehicles and employees with GLONASSsoft will not only optimize your expenses, but also improve the discipline of drivers. The system allows you to control a wide variety of moving facilities, starting with vehicles and ending with pets.


Real time monitoring

with GLONASSsoft system includes:

tracking the target location

and its movements on the map;


tracking changes of specific parameters

of targets such as speed, fuel level,

temperature, etc .;


management of targets (command execution,

automatic fulfillment of tasks) and drivers

(SMS, calls, appointments);


receiving notifications about the activity of the target;

tracking the movement of a target along a given



interpretation of data received from the target

in various reports (tables, diagrams) and

much more.


Flexible capabilities of online tracking

GLONASSsoft online tracking offers truly flexible options for monitoring the fleet and other

assets. The system has many settings, so you can adjust the solution for a specific business task.

GLONASSsoft real-time monitoring solutions allow you to:

Create an effective tool for operational tracking of the position of objects, obtain data on speed, fuel consumption and other information.

Receive information about the state of sensors at the object and the operating time of installed units.

Create and track geo tags and generate data reports on these geo tags.

Develop vehicle movement routes and track their movement along an established route.

Choose a required map service from those presented on the platform: OpenStreetMap, Yandex Maps, Google Maps, MapQuest, Bing.

Monitor fuel consumption and fuel distribution; see the dynamics and level of consumption.



GLONASSsoft satellite tracking system has been developed since 2007. During this period, it has been installed in 7,968 Russian and foreign companies. The number of vehicles equipped with the system exceeds 150,000.

Why to choose us:

Integrated solutions from a single supplier of software and hardware


5 year warranty for all equipment


Unified standards of implementation and service based on SLA throughout Russia


10 years’ experience in the development and implementation of tracking systems


Ready-made industrial and custom solutions

By purchasing the system, you get:

Stable operation of all components


World’s class service


Free user training


Possibility to refine the system to the needs of your company


Maximum compliance with your business goals

GLONASSsoft system includes software and hardware solutions created by a team of highly qualified engineers and developers.

Advantages of GLONASSsoft software:

GLONASSsoft platform is a flexibly integrated software package that can be implemented in any company through a system of plug-ins and specialized interfaces.

Detailed analytic reports


Additional scaling options


Convenient mobile interface


Development of geo-zones and route planning


No expenses for server hardware and software


Free software update


Third-party hardware support


Fixed monthly fee without hidden charges

Advantages of GLONASSsoft UMKa301 equipment

UMKa301 GPS/GLONASS tracker is a modern and reliable equipment characterized by:

High degree of protection against man-made and climatic impacts


The impossibility of tampering due to installation of connectors in a special compartment


Easy installation, use and precision control of all parameters


Full compliance with industry standards

GLONASSsoft system is implemented and maintained by certified specialists only, including partners working throughout Russia and a number of CIS countries.


We will be happy to answer your questions about the system and offer the best solutions for your business.


Fuel consumption monitoring

Companies with fleets in their assets almost inevitably face the issue of fuel consumption monitoring. There is a logical explanation for this: about half of the cost of maintaining the fleet falls on the fuel component. And in this case, the monitoring system is the optimal solution to control and optimize such


Learn more


The range of monitoring equipment has been expanded

How to place an order

If you want to connect to a cloud-based vehicle tracking service or introduce any other industry-specific vehicle monitoring and control system in your company, or purchase GLONASS equipment with the appropriate software, we are ready to provide consultations, find the right solution, as well as choose a fast, convenient shipping and payment method. Choose a suitable method for consultation or purchase:

Call us:

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Ask for a free consultation with our specialist

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